Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh my gawd.. Ross's Gull !!! Frankenstorm continues to deliver

Went to Waverly Beach this morning (Lake Erie) .... With Ken/Mike Burrell and Ross Wood... The goal was to work Lake Erie to see if phase 4 would happen... AND IT DIDN'T... No phase 4 -type birds seen...

No worries... because we had an ADULT ROSS'S GULL ......  Always fun to get to do your part in the ID of a mega rare like this... Awesome bird...

Some other birds seen -

42 Brant, in 3 flocks

7-8 Pomarine Jaeger's seen multiple times throughout the day... Could have been upwards of 15 birds, but impossible to count individuals...

Parasitic Jaeger - 2 (one with wing molt)

10-15 Black-legged Kittiwakes ... Again, numerous sightings of birds that I think were "trapped" at the end of the Lake.. Could have easily been more

Sabine's Gull - 1 juv

BLACK-HEADED GULL - 1 adult !!!

Both loons and all 3 scoters in good numbers...

1 light adult Rough-legged Hawk and 2 Turkey Vultures were some other neat birds...

Don't know what to say... Just freaking insane day.... No pics of the Ross's (was too busy with the ID and drooling).. But here's two of the Black-headed Gull:

Low right 

After that insanity I decided to check the falls.. The goal was Little Gull, since I hadn't seen any yet !!! Highlights:

2 adult Little Gulls above the falls

3 Dunlin

10 Lesser Black-backed Gulls

1 adult Herring X Great Black-backed Hybrid

3 Dunlin

40ish Northern Rough-winged Swallows

2-3 Tree Swallows 

MEGA insane day... 6 species of small gull... wow... In need of sleep again for tomorrow... What else can happen!?

Some more pics from Fort Erie

Seen a lot of these recently... 

Same for these

PAJA with wing molt 



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    1. that is a great question, that I've been asked several times recently (about how these storm birds "compare" ) ..

      I'm not really sure :) Maybe I should do something cheezy and throw a 50dor "everyone wins" Frankenstorm social event at the end?!

    2. sounds like a plan....your place???

    3. you bet Ken-tucky!! Nov 30th...

  2. I could make it over if you bump to anytime in December (the last day of the Tiscornia count is the 30th)