Tuesday, November 13, 2012

50 days of rare is over!

Woo!  No more 50 days of rare! Technically the 14th is the last day, but I'll be sitting in on some first aid training at work, so for all intensive purposes, it's over! (for me)...

I've been asked several times about what the winning bird is, and I haven't really given it much thought... What bird do you think is tops??

I think the real goal is to have a combo-birder-gathering to remember the 50days of rare challenge AND birding Superstorm Sandy at the same time... The rough plan right now is December 8th at my new condo (that I don't yet "own") in Stoney Creek, ON... We can split up and head off to the Niagara River for Saturday and/or Sunday for some entertaining birds, and Saturday night for the entertainment..

I should be able to accommodate several people (at various comfort levels) depending on how far people want to travel to be a part of it, how their bank account situation looks and how much alcohol they intend on consuming ..  Leave a comment if you think you'd like to come!


Since it was already posted to ontbirds, there is no secret that we had some Cave Swallows at Pelee today... SO I figured I'd post an early photo.. More to come in the future of this very cooperative bird!


Some cool recent weather network photos:




--- note on the last one, the snake is wrapped around the owls leg!


I spent last Saturday to Tuesday down around Point Pelee, so over the next few days (while I'm in the office), I'll run down each days highlights!

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