Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov 11, 2012 - Pelee Area Butterflies


Pelee Butterflies from Nov 11, 2012

A bit late here, but I had some cool leps on the warmth of Nov 11, 2012 at Pelee as well!

It was a very warm day!!! 

The rundown: 

Painted Lady – one rather fresh individual along the west beach footpath was my first lep of the day... 

I poked it with some grass to see the underwing and make the ID!

Question Mark – one along the west beach footpath after the Lady.. Acting kind of tardy, even with the warmth..

Eastern Comma – one at Black Willow picnic area...

Mourning Cloak – had my first at Delaurier, when I overheard a lady tell her daughter “look, a butterfly!” I then saw others driving to Hillman marsh through the onion fields and Hillman Marsh

Orange Sulphur – two at the dyke along the Hillman Marsh trail...

Common Buckeye – three along the dyke at the shorebird cell.. Strange that I saw 5 leps in a short distance near the cell, but none others while walking around Hillman...

Later in the afternoon, it was still sunny, and I decided to try Shoeless Joe’s for more leps – since the birds were stinking up a storm... Even though it was still sunny, I guess it was too late in the afternoon because I didn’t see any!

Others had Clouded Sulphur, Checkered Skipper and a single Firey Skipper here earlier in the day!

Pretty cool that 9 species could still be seen this late in the year!


Can't do a separate "ode" post, since I only managed 1 Common Green Darner on the day...

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