Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nor'easter moving up the Atlantic Coast mid week....

Herald/Trindade Petrel in PA:


The models are currently picking up on a moderate to strong "early season" Nor'easter moving up the US Atlantic coast mid week...

Weather Network is calling for E winds @ 20kmh Wednesday and N @ 25kmh Thursday... This will pale in comparison to superstorm sandy, but would be very very notable in a "regular" year as potential for NE coast birds like Kittiwakes and maybe a Gannet or two (not to mention to always enjoyable "yet unknown rarity") ... 

With Sandy so close in our (and avian) memories, maybe it will be a nice system to bring us a few more goodies?! I know I wouldn't complain... 


Tomorrow is the Hamilton Fall Bird Count!!! Very exciting... My area is from LaSalle Park to Windemere Basin (the NE corner of Hamilton Harbour) with a bit of inland space (to the highways).. Teaming up with David Bell to hopefully do some damage! 

AND THEN,, DO NOT FORGET... That our very own blogger Ken-tucky Burrell is the speaker at the Hamilton Bird Study Group Meeting on Monday night! 

The talk is on his reverse migration work at Pelee Island!!!

It doesn't get any better.. Don't miss it!

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