Monday, November 26, 2012

Super insane Red-breasted Merganser flight videos !!! From Pelee on Nov 13, 2012

Below are 4 videos from the tip of Pelee on Nov 13, 2012... It was one of the craziest duck flights/flocks I had ever seen... Mega-huge masses were moving back and forth across the point and forming feeding frenzies... Whenever a particularly large flight would occur, I'd take a quick video - although there was always large numbers flying around.....

Best may be to watch full-screen and change the quality to hd (if you have a fast connection) 


Anyone want to take a guess how many RB Mergies were in this video?! 


  1. That's craayyyzzaayy!
    Wish I was there...

  2. Feels like the shearwater spectacular from NL all over again lol
    Do RB mergansers usually migrate in numbers like this !? I have an aunt ant uncle that live in mississauga, have been thinking on doing a trip up there next year to do some birding and photography ! Have to get together sometime
    Still in awe over the videos :o

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