Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Netitishi forecast for the next 7 days

This next Wednesday to Wednesday period on James Bay would likely be very very good! A LOT of sea ice has built up around James Bay and Hudson Bay - on the coasts - but a few warm days with south winds in Moosonee area have broken up the ice along the Neititshi coast.

And a healthy dose of north winds (from both an arctic cold front and an approaching low pressure system), would keep things interesting from a birding standpoint:

After that, the forecast calls for a dip to below average temperatures, which should result in a permanent build up of ice along the coast (preventing birds from being visible) until the spring breakup!

Would be very interesting to be up there over the next few days. Almost some guaranteed mega's I would think... Although we'll never know! (I would be very very tempted to go, if I did not have some major major obligations at home this weekend! - that are very exciting - and I'll post about sometime in the future) 


Random photo quiz: name all species (for fun) :


  1. Going Clockwise:

    Black Skimmer
    Laughing Gull
    Forster's Tern
    leucistic/albino Forster's Tern?

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