Monday, September 24, 2012

50 days of rare: Competition!? We doin this?!

 Josh Vandermeulen? (anyone ever notice I always spell his name wrong? Sorry Josh) Ken-tucky Burrell?

Maybe Jim Pawlicki? (eh Jim?) Maybe Mike "Happy" Burrell??

A little friendly discourse with Jim (trying to get him to start blogging... peer pressure people - we can make it happen!) turned into the idea of some friendly competition when it comes to "rarity season this fall"

50 days of rare - the competition!

Best bird found over the 50 day period wins pretty much the best prize possible: bragging rights and booze.

Punkbirder self found rules apply:

General rule of thumb (I think) is to have a blog and post your plans for future birding, methods, results, photos etc......  That just makes it more fun!

I also think we're going to use some discretion on just exactly what the "rarest" bird is... A Long-tailed Jaeger in Buffalo is considerably more interesting than on Lake Ontario.. Just as a Wheatear in the south would easily beat out a Wheatear on James Bay...

But hopefully someone just finds some insane CMF that clearly steals the show!

So yeah, for sure Josh and Ken are in on this... Anyone else? Maybe we'll put together some sort of dinner at Niagara (post-gull watching) later in November to award the winner and give out the prizes!


  1. I like this Brandon, I like this. I'm not sure how, or when, but I'd like to try something like this sometime. Obviously I can't get into your Ontario competition, but something like this would be fun.

  2. Might as well say "in" just so I'm not kicking myself when I stumble upon something crazy.

  3. My chances of finding something ridiculous are probably pretty low but just in case I have another Anhinga over my house I'll say in!

  4. Wooo! you spelled my name right!!!

    Things are gonna get crazy...get ready for a Rock Wren report from Moosonee

  5. I'll try my best in Waterloo county.

    I reckon a Brant at laurel creek is equivalent to a BL Kittiwake in Hamilton :p

    This should be an annual event!

  6. Alvan, Waterloo is an ornithological desert!

  7. Heya! The northern Greatest Lake would like to play as well. Is there an application process?

    ~Skye Haas