Sunday, September 9, 2012

Funktato Ground Raptors + RARES this week!!!

This epic cold front seems to have done the trick and brought some rarities with it... Reports of grounded shorebirds + Jaegers are starting to trickle in (Saturday evening), along with word of some rarities...

Townsend's Warbler (probable) - at Magee Marsh, OH

Great Shearwater - Like Michigan in MI (probable)

Brown Pelican - was seen last week on Lake Erie again, this time in Ohio (twice)

--- Not to mention some CMF's that are still lurking around the great lakes prior to the front like Frigatebird and Sandwitch Tern.....

---- Starting Monday, some high pressure will fall into place, making for some beautiful days to get out and spot some rarities... Either recent storm blown, or just hidden gems that have been lurking for a while!


Funktato Ground Raptors!!!

In the same day last week, I had a few "Ground Raptors" throw me for a loop.. First up to bat:

Yup, thats a HAHA.. Down on Lake Erie, eating grasshoppers... If it wasn't wearing such lovely jewelry, I would almost consider counting it ;) 

I wonder how annoying it would be to do falconry, only to watch it fly away and never return?? And I wonder if it'll eventually fly over one of the Erie hawkwatches??

Next up to bat is the rare "ground falcon":

On a sod field south of the Hammer, on the dirt... No bands and funny look, made me wonder if its a rare "anatum" bird..... 

Both of these birds in the same day!!! I guess I'm slowly awakening from my birding slumber and am now paying my dues towards something mega.... 


  1. Cannings had 5 Gray-cheeked Thrush at Long Point
    on Friday, Sept. 7. Do you think he's going to
    Newfoundland for the hurricane this week?

    1. would be cool if he was! Wish we had a hurricane....

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