Friday, August 10, 2012

Nice bit of low pressure you've got there......

A nice little bit of low pressure --- just over 1000mb --- has really decided to take its sweet time passing right through extreme southern Ontario... 

Regular readers of the blog will know how I feel about low pressure... It's pretty sweet... So hopefully it brings us something fun! 

And don't get me wrong, it IS still August 10th, but it should ground some fun shorebirds, and hopefully suck up a few extra Herons from the south... It feels like the heron-push has slowed dramatically since we had a change in the jet stream pattern for our area in the last 2 weeks..... But oh well!


It's also well into hurricane season.... as "cape verde" type systems are slowly making themselves known... Keep an eye on the NOAA National Hurricane Center website for the latest info:

Nothing in the books for our area anytime in the next 12+ days for sure... and (as always) the odds of us getting something are extremely low, but I always enjoy following them....  And as always, Jeff Masters weather blog always has fun updates too:

I also really enjoy watching this guys videos: 

Below (for fun) -- Hurricane Isabel from 2003

Forecast track


At sea as a Cat 5... 


I'll be back with some more OBRC-type posts soon!

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