Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pelee Island Report

I arrived at Pelee Island late on Thursday (23rd) and left Saturday night late (8pm)... I WAS going to stay for Sunday, but it was stinkin hot and I didn't feel like sleeping in my car for a 3rd night in a row...

Birds: not much in the way of rarities.... I had some mixed pockets of warblers, without really looking for them, so that was nice.... Common Nighthawks each evening, and two Olive-sided Flycatchers

Dragonflies: very very little...... No Red Saddlebags, a handful of Carolina's, few gliders... Not much of anything really.....

Butterflies: --- species list, with some guesses at my 2 day totals...

Silver-spotted Skipper - ~7/8
Common Checkered Skipper - ~75 ?? -- LOTS, especially near the ferry dock
Least Skipper - ~15
Fiery Skipper - ~200/250??? INSANE numbers...
Sachem - ~40/50? -- one field in particular had very impressive numbers...
Dun Skipper - 1
Black Swallowtail - ~50?
Giant Swallowtail - ~25
E. Tiger Swallowtail - 3
Cabbage White - X
Clouded Sulphur - X
Orange Sulphur - X
Little Yellow - 1  (near Sheridan's Pt)
Dainty Sulphur - 1 (big NCC lot near Lighthouse Pt)
White-M Hairstreak -1 alive, 1 dead....
Grey Hairstreak - ~20
Eastern-tailed Blue - X
American Snout - ~15
Crescent - X
Question Mark - ~7/8
Eastern Comma - 3
Red Admiral ~5/6
Common Buckeye - 200??
American Lady - 1 (I stopped looking closely after I found one on the first day)
Painted Lady - lots
Viceroy - ~12
Red-spotted Purple ~8
Hackberry Emperor - ~30?
Monarch - a bunch...

White-M Hairstreak!! On my finger! This was a life butterfly for me and my 100th Butterfly species for Ontario!

So yeah! It was pretty fun, and crazy seeing the huge numbers of skippers everywhere... I can only assume I under-estimated some of the little guys.. I actually have a photo with 8 Firey Skippers on the same patch of clover... But yeah, I'll stretch this out into multiple days of blog material ;) 

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  1. I had one Common Checkered Skipper @ West Perth