Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice update - Feb 13, 2014

Ice conditions continue to be superb for additional formation on the great lakes. I'm sick and tired of people trying to convince me that these Red-necked Grebes and Red-throated Loons are being frozen off Lake Erie (that has been frozen for several weeks now)... They don't even winter on Lake Erie in the first place!!! Never mind the ice!!!


Lake Huron - FROZEN (pretty much) SOLID

Lake Ontario - still doin its own little thing... 

Lake Michigan - icing up rapidly!!! 

Lake Superior - has been teasing with a complete freeze-over for days and days now... Still can't really get its act together - but the ice in the eastern half of the lake is really impressive...

Caribou Island was named as such, due to the herd of Caribou that was present on the island when it was first discovered.... Presumably a herd walked off Michipicoten Island to the north (has a decent population of Caribou - the nearest) and made it to the island years ago.... In recent times, they were extirpated from the island (like, a long time ago) - and it wasn't looking good for them to return - given the major declines we've seen in ice formation over the years..

Anyways - I doubt any would make the crossing, but there is at least enough ice to (likely) support the walk without having to swim at all!

Wrong bou's! But close enough...

Lake Erie is now THICK with ice... I'm very interested to see how long it lasts (eg,/ how long it takes to melt) this spring... Maybe it will help concentrate waterfowl at "inland" locations at Long Point (or small areas of open water) for superb duck/swan viewing in March??



  1. There may be an opportunity for some Slate Islands caribou to cross over to the mainland near Terrace Bay and help out the coastal heard that's hanging on by a thread...