Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monster weather event on our hands???

Things are looking very interesting for Thursday-Friday on the olde' weather charts...

Thursday morning - decent 994mb lows (Colorado low?) and 998 Low (Alberta Clipper like thing?) moving towards southern Ontario...

Friday -

Phasing of the jet stream (and the two lows) into a 976mb utter monstrosity over Lake Superior!!!

Storm Prediction Centre of NOAA forecasting a big chance for severe weather due to this event in the USA - most likely from strong winds - and maybe a few Tornadoes!


The timing may be off for us to get any diurnal migrants on Friday for southern Ontario... But maybe warm winds overnight will bring some migrants?

Thursday could have a few as well, but I'm not realllly hopeful at this point... 

Overall though it looks pretty exciting (for February standards), so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on ebird and other locations to see what types of birds may move around during this event. This is probably the first true "spring like" storm of 2014 for our area. 

GFS run (12z on Feb 18) - showing temps of +5C for most of southern Ontario - at 2AM(!!!) on Friday 


Looking ahead - 

Next week shows a return of the freeeezing cold weather early in the week, then the chance for some UBER cold late next week - but its a lonnng ways away to know for sure

GFS hinting at some VERY cold air for southern Ontario...



  1. It would be nice to see a change in the weather and see some 'spring' birds
    I am sure those grebes and ducks are getting tired of being 'frozen out'.(!)

    1. I hear ya... I think this storm should do some serious damage to the lake ice (strong winds + warm) - but who knows if it will all freeze again when the temperatures dive. Not a good "spring" to be a duck!