Monday, February 10, 2014

Who bands Osprey?

I mean, really, who does that?

Back on September 3rd, I was doing my vigil for cosmic-insane-rares from my balcony - when I had a close (juvenile) Osprey flyby... A quick glance at the camera screen showed a bright blue band on the leg! 

It was mostly hidden, and even after a number of photos, I could never really read it.. One of the best is below:

The top digit looks like a 0 to me... And there is likely a hidden digit beside it... Below that, it's either an 8 or a B (in my opinion) - likely the only one...

The fact that it's a juvenile would limit the field quite a bit in trying to figure out where it was banded, but I haven't submitted anything or really put forth any effort. Anyone know any Osprey banders?

It was a pretty smart lookin bird!


  1. Bill Petrie at Innis Point Bird Observatory. Think they banded their first birds last year

    1. We did not use a field-readable band on the bird we banded last year, which was indeed our first.