Sunday, February 16, 2014

This is a weather blog, right?

A look ahead:

Expect a wintry mess for your drive on Tuesday morning... 5-10cm?  10? 


There is a serious chance for a serious blast of warm air in the Feb 20-22 time frame, although this run of the GFS (shown) is weaker than it has been recently...


Serious storms south of us - the first "spring like" system of the year? 

Above - two more looks at the storm/warm up... 


After the mini warm-up, cold air returns! Isn't that exciting??


Tornado season is just around the corner in the USA.... Huge tornado outbreaks in the past have led to some remarkable bird sightings in Ontario... 

My favourite example:

During that event, there was OBRC accepted records of Virginia's Warbler and Hermit Warbler (TWO!!!) - and a "not accepted" record of Red-faced Warbler in the Hamilton Study Area... I remember at the time that Red-faced seemed a bit too crazy to occur in Ontario/Canada - but looking back......

We likely won't be looking at Mega's until the last week of April, but I've decided to beat the spring rush and will start to get excited now!

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