Tuesday, February 4, 2014


There's a lot of it, out there! Our der!

A lot of Lake Erie is THICK too! - That will hold on for quite a while in the spring methinks (in some form) - keeping the lake cool and potentially bringing fog in March and early April whever we get pushes of warm air. (Can mess up the birding at the "hotspots") 

Look at Lake Superior!!!

Although a lot of it is pretty thin, ready to break up with a good wind... 

LOTS of ice out east as well... When do the Gyr's and Ivories arrive in Newfoundland?!? 

Harp Seals should be happy... 


  1. IVGUs must be here... once Friday comes and goes I'll be doing my work to make you jealous :)

    The sea ice on the North coast of NL is looking real good:

  2. Warnings

    Burlington - Oakville
    11:05 AM EST Tuesday 04 February 2014
    Snowfall warning for
    Burlington - Oakville issued

    Significant snowfall overnight and Wednesday.

    A developing low pressure centre over Louisiana is forecast to track into Southern Ohio overnight. It is already tapping into moisture from the Gulf of Mexico which will quickly spread northwards throughout the afternoon. Snow is expected to arrive over the warned regions late this evening.

    The snow will fall rather heavily at times late tonight and Wednesday morning due to local enhancement off of Lake Ontario. This will significantly impact the morning commute as accumulations of 5 to 10 cm are expected along with reduced visibilities. Commuters should allow some extra time due to accumulating snow and reduced visibility.

    Total amounts of 15 to 20 cm are likely in the warned regions with amounts in excess of 20 cm possible especially in the Niagara region before the snow tapers off later in the day as low pressure departs into New England.