Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lake Superior! How could you!

Lake Superior - darn close to 100% ice cover! That's crazzzy!

A lot of it is thin/new - but there is a LOT of medium ice on Superior as well...

Lake Michigan also has a pretty healthy coating of"thick" ice along the eastern shore...

Lake Erie reamins pretty "locked up" - with a lot of medium/thick ice out there...

Lake Huron isn't exactly solid - but is really filling in itself!

Ontario is even having a good showing this winter... 


Coming to a blog post in the next several days (I'm thinking):


Go Canada Go!!!!!!!


  1. not surprising that the Lakes are this ice-covered. It has been damn cold! The brisk winds we've had have probably prevented some of the lakes from being completely iced-over.

    1. I hear ya... It will be interesting to see how much more can freeze before we (hopefully?) start warming up in the next few weeks.