Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aww devils

Not sure what can be said... I watched the first 2.75 games of the series, then work had me away from a TV...... I could have managed a few ways to watch them, but watching the first few was pretty painful to say the least...

I didn't watch any of game 6.... It sounds like the ref's sort of killed the game (based on what I read online after ... TSN etc)... But now we'll just have to wait until next year! First stop - find out which devils were injured.... Second stop -- sign Parise --- third stop - get ready for next years playoff run!


  1. It was definitely a bad hit and should have been a penalty, so I wouldn't say the ref's killed the game, but the penalty sure did. Too bad, really, killed what was becoming a good series. But hey, you've seen a few Cups already, so no biggie, plus it stirred up some fun chatter on the blog. And that was for the Devils, imagine if the Leafs ever make the playoffs again... actually, ya, nevermind. Hey, want to make a prediction? Which will come first, a new bird for the Ontario list (ignoring any that might already be under review) or a Leafs playoff berth?

    1. I think a better question is HOW MANY new birds will we add to the Ontario list before the leafs get back to the playoffs... Over/under at 3.5??


  2. Lol...as a Leafs fan I can say with 100% confidence that several new birds will be added to the provincial list before they make the playoffs....2025 is their year - I can almost smell the playoffs.