Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random birds from Lake Superior

I didn't do too much birding while up north, but had a few things that were fun:

Pine Siskins: migrating flocks inland and along the lakeshore (going N)

~12 species of breeding warblers

Eastern Meadowlark --- a single bird at our cottage at Montreal River Harbour (thanks to Matt Ross).. Probably the only "vagrant" of the visit

Cooper's Hawk - 1 seen on a "hawk migraiton" on the 8th

Broad-winged Hawks - migrating on May 8th. (youngins)

Purple Finch (a few)

Pine Warbler - one morning only (singing) at Montreal River Harbour

White-winged Crossbill - a few here and there in low numbers. A select few moving N along the shore

Ruffed Grouse - good numbers

Spruce Grouse - 1

Olive-sided Fly - pair

Indigo Bunting - singing male

Boreal Chickadee - select few


And yeah........ some very random bird notes

A pic of the meadowlark 

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