Monday, June 18, 2012

More rare leps on the way???

I'm continuing my busy work schedule with limited internet, but I wanted to try and get a connection today to post an on-going theory....

It looks like there will be another big heatwave coming from the southern USA over the next few days (Tuesday to Thursday)... And so far this year (in the incredible movement of butterflies) it seems like this is exactly the type of weather that has brought many of the largest pulses ---  hot, with strong south winds (arriving from LONG distance) that is VERY HUMID... Pushing 40C with the humidity for the next few days!

So will there be another big push??? I know I'll be working, and won't really be able to get the full experience, but maybe worth keeping your eyes peeled if you're out and about...

Just in case you missed it, Blake Mann had several Dainty Sulphurs at Hillman Marsh recently:

Hopefully we'll start to get a second generation of some of these rare species.. I know I missed Sleepy Orange back in May, so here's hoping they do the same........

a Dainty from May


Also had a Pelee question on an older blog post that needs to be brought to the surface!


Questions for you Pelee folk... thinking about booking a cottage sometime in September for a little family vacation/birding. I've never been to Pelee this time of year, so just wondering if you have any tips on best or better weeks to go, and is either side of the point better (i.e., east or west) than the other for lake watching?


I personally like Pelee on just about any weather in the fall....  Here's my rundown:

Lakewatching at the tip is great from E to SW winds...  S to SW can be best.. 

NE winds are always fun... Wheatley Harbour/beaches/fields can get shorebirds/gulls etc

N to NW winds usually mean the park is slower, but can be good for bugs and hawkwatches at Seacliffe...

Time of year: I had an amazing weekend at Pelee once in mid September (~15th) ... It was the first time I went to Pelee in the fall (2006) and spent almost the entire day at the tip. Ended up with 117 species without going north of the Sparrow field...

I also often seem to notice we get our first bout of violent fall weather around the last week of September, which can be fun for birding, but maybe not the best for family outings...

It's also my personal preference to not visit places like this until after Labour Day, so the crowds are smaller...


these are just some random ramblings of my ideas... What do you think about a Pelee September visit? I know there are some avid Pelee-er's who frequently comment on the blog --- and hopefully they'd be willing to chime in???

More pre-written junk for the next few days!

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  1. The Balkwills and I once watched 5,000 warblers
    pass through Blue Heron in a long stream.

    I once did a hike with paying customers in the
    fall at Pelee, and there were absolutely no birds.

    I use
    to go to Holiday Beach most days. On north winds
    everything flows east to west through the park,
    Avocets, Snowy Egret, Marbled and Hudsonian, etc.

    I believe Tom Hince's record is 106 species from the tower in September.

    I missed a Vermilion Flycatcher by 30 minutes,
    but saw an Anhinga from the tower.