Saturday, June 16, 2012

I guess Cardinals are going to try and live in Moosonee/Moose Factory now?? :

Here's a link to a post about one I had at Moosonee last year in August with Mark Jennings and Alan Wormington:

I know I have a photo somewhere........... but can't find it


Snowy Plover in MI:


and what the heck is wrong with this Connecticut Warb from Quebec???


  1. Questions for you Pelee folk... thinking about booking a cottage sometime in September for a little family vacation/birding. I've never been to Pelee this time of year, so just wondering if you have any tips on best or better weeks to go, and is either side of the point better (i.e., east or west) than the other for lake watching?

  2. About the weird Connecticut warbler...I think it might be a Mourning. First of all, the colours look quite rich, which is characteristic of Mourning, while Connecticut looks pale and dusty. Also, Mourning and Connecticut look almost identical in body shape. But, of course, there's the eye-ring. I know that's normally more of a Connecticut thing, but occasionally adult male Mournings can have that too. I'm definitely not an expert, so I don't want to deflate the hopes of any Quebec birders, I'm just saying my opinion. One thing you could do is submit the band combination to the Canadian Wildlife Service Bird Banding Office, and they could probably figure out what kind of warbler it is.