Monday, December 30, 2013

Here comes the freeze

Big drop in temperatures on the way for southern Ontario (and everywhere north of us)... What does it mean for birds???

Personally, I have no idea... One can only guess that cold north winds might be decent for northern owls (more snowies? Hawk Owl?) or "northern" birds in general - Gyr's? Eiders? Maybe a Ross's/Ivory Gull??

(I always just say "Ivory Gull" in fall/winter birding predictions... Why? It's my "most wanted" Ontario bird... Not that I think this weather is anything all that special for IVGU's - I just want one). 

But honestly - I have no reason to believe that anything will happen (it's almost January)... Other than cold temps - what would happen?!

I know I'll be watching from the condo whenever there's a decent north wind over the next week... Just because it's good for birding in general! As of right now, it looks like Monday morning (today!?) Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Friday will be worthy of some watchin!

(based on current forecasts - i'm sayin Thursday is my "money" day)


With overnight low's in the minus 9 to minus 18 range for nearly a week, I'm curious to see what happens with the ice cover on the great lakes... It will be kinda windy, so maybe the shorelines will ice up rapidly, but won't cover the lakes? Erie usually freezes up... So is this the time it happens?!

Watch this space!


Still some serious cold blasts in the longer-range as well... The 6-10 day temp outlook is cold, and the models are still hinting at some very cold snaps in the future..

As shown above - a recent run of the Euro shows the "polar vortex" dipping down into the great lakes (240 hours out) !!! This is just what I've gleaned from people (online) who know a lot more about weather than I do, but that could be record-breaking cold !


Yesterday the blog passed 250000 views or pageviews or whatever (thanks, blogger stats) - and I just wanted to say thanks for reading along! I first stated the blog as method to generate traffic for my website in general, however now I really enjoy writing it just for fun! I like to think it may help some fellow birders/naturalists get through some of those slow days at the office at various points in time ;) 

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