Monday, December 2, 2013

Tape Delay Netitishi - Day 1

Just kidding! It's actually a travel day...

I pretty much burned the house down (very sleep deprived) while waiting for the train to leave from Cochrane -


Next up was the train ride... I passed out for roughly two hours before waking up and seeing the following birds -

The Sharp-tailed Grouse were some of the best looks I've ever had on the train, close in flight and a few perched on the tops of spruce trees!

Highlight was the Hawk Owl - perched on the hydro wires as we journeyed along... There's something magical about seeing a NHOW this way... The train seems to move at just the right speed, where you get an awesome look at a truly stunning bird - then it's gone.

(Needless to say, not from the train)


When I arrived in town, I took a taxi right to the helicopter place - even though they told me they were too busy to take me. I waited a good 2.5 hours hoping something would open up - and eventually it didn't - so I passed out in a motel room..

But not before seeing these awesome birds! -

(How's that for exciting?)

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