Thursday, December 19, 2013


Oh you better believe that there is more Glaucous-winged Gull stuff coming... You'd better believe it!!! But for now - 

(Gosh I like weather). 

There is a big mess of stuff coming our way for the weekend... Lots of moisture and a bit of a system will pass Friday and a bigger one on Sunday. 

What does it mean? Not much really... I would suggest you pick the "nice" weather days for birding after Dec 15th (until roughly April 10th at the very earliest)... We're in the slow stretch... I'm going to do a condo watch on some NE winds whenever I can over the next 3-10 days in hopes of snagging some last "storm birds" - but standing outside in weather like that isn't fun...


Medium range: 

Why's it been so gosh darn cold?! We've been stuck in this pattern since last winter! Will it change? 

Cold in the 6-10 day outlook:

Cold in the 8-14 day outlook:

Speaking of cold - what does it mean for the Great Lakes?!?! I've noticed "special ice statements" for the lakes over the past several days due to "unusual presence of ice" along various shorelines... It's sort of "melting up" over the past few days - but who knows what another stormy cold snap could do? Clearly Lake Erie would freeze, but what about Lake Ontario? How many cold days would it take to bring the water temperatures down a bit? They've been running very high for multiple years now...


Hudson Bay done gone and froze all up early this year - 



Twin cyclones on the opposite side of the world that is.... Say hello to Amara and Bruce! 

(Total precipitable water loop) 


SUPER long range - 

Some models have been predicting a slow warming trend in the ENSO regions of the Pacific into next summer... What does that mean?

Well above 0.5 for more than 6 months is an El Nino event... So some are predicting the start of a weak El Nino even to start next summer... But they could be wrong... Overall, ENSO wreaked havoc in our area for years since 2000, but has been quiet the last few. Time will tell - 

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