Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tape Delay Netitishi - day 3

It was raining in the morning, but quickly stopped when I went outside to watch...  DAS BIRDIES -

Some notes -

- The Bald Eagle came in off the bay... I've never seen many BAEA here... And few/none like that...

- Glaucous and Great Black-backed Gull numbers were quite high for every day of my trip, esp today.

- I wondered if the increase in GLGU was due to them moving south (from further north) where the north winds had already begun.

- After seeing NO Snowy Owls in the morning, an amazing FIVE flew past in the afternoon (usually 80-90% of a days sightings of SNOW here have been early in the morning).

- I had great looks at the two Shrikes (ad and juv) at different times... The juv caught some small creature I believe was a tiny Shrew - but I couldn't get a photo...

- a decent flock of Boreal Chick's moved through mid morning... Usually you see no more than 3-4 in a day here...


I went to bed on a gentle SE wind.. I had sort of hoped the north winds may have begun late Sunday (based on the forecast when I left) but it was not to be...

I fully expected to wake up to a strong north wind by dawn though!!!

I also stocked up on drinking water with some spare time in the evening.. Creek was flowing much higher than previous trips.

A whole lotta these monkies around too... 

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