Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tape Delay Netitishi - day 2

It took me a while to find a taxi early on a Saturday... Actually - I didn't!  A guard from the OPP Office gave me a ride to the airport! (How cool is that?)...

Wandering around for a Taxi turned up an ok bird in a very late American Crow -


A nice Red Fox was near the airport - but no luck with the Great Gray Owl I had heard about the afternoon before.


The helicopter ride was pretty sweet - nailing some Sharp-tailed Grouse and 2 bull MOOSE quite close to the point itself...

Just being in a Helicopter is a pretty fun experience - and the scenery is sweet up there..


By 9am - I was at NETITISHI BABY!!!!!!! After meeting the family who owns the land for the first time, I was birding in no time (they're really nice - but so is the birding).



I was surprised to see the Snowy Owls! People were yammering about a "non-flight-year" for the species before I had left.. Didn't look that way up here! There is something truly magical about seeing Snowy Owls glide in from the open water of James Bay... 2 spent the day where I could watch them chillax, waiting for darkness...


I managed to get a few days of firewood ready - and was excited about the storm in the forecast for Monday

The first of many snowies - who knew we'd have a major southward push this year? 

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