Friday, December 6, 2013

Tape Delay Netitishi - Day 5

Due to the conditions detailed yesterday, I had some trouble getting to the coast in the morning to look for birds... When I did get there, I had to scramble around to collect some gear that was abandoned the previous afternoon... I likely missed some good birds flying past (didn't have a scope for example) - but all was good -

Highlights -

1 close flyby Goldeneye that looked like a Barrows... But who knows (sans camera)

2 Nelson's Gulls

6 King Eiders (the confirmed ones, likely more in the shimmer)

1 late Common Loon

My only Iceland Gull of the trip

1 Lapland Longspur

All four Redpolls (Rostrata common and Hornemann's Hoary!)

AND a COMMON EIDER - that didn't really place nice... I managed some pics, and have decided to count it - cause I just don't care THAT much ;)


A bit of a highlight was seeing the devastation left behind from the storm... Trees down and washed away all over the place...

The gulls had a FEAST all day on Voles and other small mammals drowned in the storm surge from the previous day... Crazy stuff!

If the visibility was better (and I had a better way to get to the coast in the morning) I'm sure more goodies would have shown themselves!

Presumed COEI photos... let me know if you think otherwise 

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