Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ebird update!??!

Just recently I finally bothered to figure out how to post photos to ebird (in my checklists!) Check it out:


If you'd like to learn how -  check out the help here -

Generally, I just needed to worry about this part:

If you also want viewers to be able to click on the image and go directly to the page where your image is stored, use the following

:<a href="imagesiteurl"><img src="http://imagefileurl/"></a>

and replace the instance of "http://imagefileurl/" with the actual URL to the image and change "http://imagesiteurl" to the URL of the site. Perhaps link to the page that shows other images of that species.

It actually works with my own website! Sa-weet!


Also - I always used igoogle to see notable ebird-birds, but it's dead and gone now. So I've switched to watching this page! Maybe you'll find it interesting as well? -

(Some even have pretty pictures! As detailed above...)


Always check out the ebird flicker page as well -

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  1. Another option for viewing alerts (besides just bookmarking them like you did) is to set up an eBird gadget right on your blog or website. You can check out my blog or Ken's blog to see what I mean.

    It is pretty simple to set up:

    I am also happy to help if you or anyone wants a custom one on their page. It is handy because unlike the alerts you can specify a custom area based on coordinates and a radius rather than just province or county.