Friday, November 1, 2013

New segment: COOKING with the PeregrinePrints... Blog!

Ever get that feeling you're on the wrong Lake Erie sandbar?


A new segment... Cooking!

I've decided to share my recipe for RARE BIRD GUMBO:


1 Precipitation Warning (chose Rain or Snowfall to taste)
1 Wind Warning
2 wind directions
1 appropriate birding hotspot
1 appropriate month (May or October/November for best results).
1 telescope + tripod
1 set binoculars
1 camera or similar recording device

Cooking instructions: MIX in a big @$$ bowl - place in oven.

Cooking Time: minimum of 10 hours... However cooking LONGER (and longer) will yield the greatest results!

Do rare birds fly through rain/moisture? Because if they don't... To HECK with this half of the storm...

Do rare birds fly into SW Ontario on blistering SW winds on the back of a monster 979mb low?! YOU BET YOUR BUTTONS THEY DO! (8am today forecast map)... What will show up?


Pelee Report: Oct 31st... Where are the good birds!? Here's what I did:

Tip watch: 8am to 10:30am... Then I remembered if I wanted to look at ducks, I woulda stayed home!

Lots of ducks (15-20ish species), tens of thousands of mergs (aka ducks). Thousands of Bonapartes. NOTHING of note. NOTHING..

Tip: From 10:30am to 1:30pm I worked the tip woods like they owed me money. You know what my highlights were? 1 Black-throated Green Warbler. THATS all....

1:30pm to 3:30pm - I drove around the onion fields, pishing whenever I found Kinglets in the shrubbery or sparrows in the grass. Best bird? PALM WARBLER (ya, Palm Warbler.. Or maybe the Vesper Sparrow)...

3:30pm - Wheatley Harbour and nearby fields. A few thousand gulls to scan. Best bird? Nothing. Nothing could even qualify as "best bird"... They were all very very very common species. 

4pm - Sturgeon Creek - Same ducks, same Dunlin, same Dowitchers, same White-rumps, same Great Egret. 

4:30pm - Leamington Marina - nothing of note...

DON'T GET ME WRONG - the birding was still very fun... I just don't have ANYTHING to report! Because I know you (as a blog reader) aren't here because you want to hear about "how lovely the pretty little birdies are".... Because stuff like that just doesn't pay the bills! 

Well... I guess stuff like that DOES pay the bills, but I'd have to start posing for photos like these - and there's NO CHANCE that's going to happen anytime soon...

I'll leave you with some TERRIBLE record photos! YES - I bought a new point and shoot camera - so these bad boys are to become a regular feature again! Muwahhahahahha...........

Mergs, anyone? 


I'm not really feelin the Cave Swallow with this weather (for everyone forecasting them to arrive)... But you may have better luck with a system like this in about a week:


  1. Maybe something like a Snowy Plover will get sucked in.

    1. I like the way you think.........................