Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Could we be looking at a multi-day rare-bird event?! In mid November!?

OK - we'll check the weather again... Yeesh....

Holla whaat!?

That's a snippet from Burlington... Low of 10 on Sunday? HIGH of 1 by Wednesday?! Saaay whaa? And here I thought we were all set up for some boring weather mid-November. How things change!

Time to break out the maps and see what's "goin down"

Right now: 

Holy sweet jeepers! Look at that high pressure! 1040mb! 

Early Sat: - high pressure and precip-free skies still for our area... Interesting...

Early Sunday - yikes! Where did all that precip and 988mb low come from?!

Hard to show in a blog post but the centre of the low re-forms a few times and backs up on itself before finally forming a well defined system here. Too bad we are heavy into the cooler part and rain by the time that happens - but look at that cold side! 

Cold air for one and all by the end here!


Long story short - it looks like a very interesting weather event. Either it will be a messy and poorly defined system, or this model run was a bit wonky... The officla WPC forecast:

Everything looks a bit better on these maps (well, more defined) - but they don't show precip limits on these maps. I'm sure i'll post more about it in a day or two - but for now I can say that Saturday to Tuesday look pretty interesting!

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