Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sample OBRC report - Snowy Plover



I've uploaded a copy of my Snowy Plover report to the website and decided to share here. Just to give an idea of what I was feeling/seeing etc and an example of what I submitted to the OBRC...

Overall it's much longer than previous OBRC reports (in which I have photos of the bird) because I wanted to document the weather. Not necessary, but a personal interest of mine...

A link here:

% /% %_%???? I guess I should pick better names for my files... Anyways - it should still work.


On a related yet unrelated note - I took these photos of the bird and wanted to share:

Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but after going out to photograph the bird - I walked back to my scope and couldn't find it! Then I noticed it was actually hiding in my "butt print" in the disturbed sand - trying to take shelter. It stayed there for hours! Felt pretty good about it (hopefully I helped block the elements a bit)...

If you're having a hard time even seeing the lil bugger, here's some help:

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