Thursday, November 28, 2013

Niagara River Birding - Nov 27, 2013

Ken Burrell and I teamed up for some sweeet birding... Some highlights -

Stopped by to see this beast - found by Naughty Nathan Miller a few days ago... Pretty crazy bird!  We also scored this Black-legged Kittiwake in a big flock of BOGU not far from shore - 

Full ebird checklist from this area -

We then rocked the area above the falls - scoring:

1 dark-mantled hybrid (I'm guessing Herring X Lesser Black-backed) - 

10+ Lesser Black-backs

4 Iceland Gulls

3 Glaucous Gulls 

Below the falls was pretty slow. Did have a Common Loon and a spankin adult Little Gull 

We then hit up Adam Beck - which was fairly slow overall, but had good birds..

1 juv Thayer's Gull (beauty of a bird, my first of the fall) 

6+ Iceland Gulls

1 Glaucous Gull

We then did a quick stop at Queenston Heights to look for vultures, of which we saw none. So we went home! Not a bad day!

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