Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's going on in Weather Land?!

The system here right now has some pretty good winds (gale warnings - 35 knots - for Lakes Erie and Ontario) - but it doesn't seem all that impressive to me overall... Seem to be more of a little "power pack" - but hasn't really dropped sub 1000mb... Overall (I think) that means it really wouldn't have the "far reaching" implications that a bigger storm like 10 days ago had (eg,/ drawing birds TO Ontario from far away).

Even if something good gets found today/tomorrow etc - I would probably argue there's a good bet it was "already in the area" prior to being discovered...

Screw you - nemesis bird... 


Looking ahead - 

Looking ahead - I see a fairly potent looking blast of cold air hitting out area on Tuesday. Looks like it reaches up well into James/Hudson Bays... We're starting to reach that time of year where we are starting to "run out" of birds that could arrive from a situation like this. What I'd expect:

King Eiders
A few straggling Brant?
Purple Sandpipers
More Glaucous/Iceland Gulls

What is POSSIBLE - but very/rare/unlikely:

Townsend's Solitaire (a few have been "around" - James Bay, 2 at Whitefish Point, 1 in IL)
Ross's/Ivory Gull
Common Eider
Black Guillemot/Aincent Murrelet (or somethin) 

The "possible" category is a major stretch for some, but you never know... 


7 day outlook - there is a LOT of W, SW and some NW winds in the forecast... Days and days.. I personally have never been very excited about setups like this and find it very hard to predict what could possibly happen bird-wise... 

Although I do know that it made for some very interesting birding on the Niagara River a few years ago (when there was the Razorbill/White Pelican/Kittiwake/Black-headed/Franklin's/California etc around) 

Might be where I concentrate some effort (just because it's close to home).. Would love to find Ontario's first Glaucous-winged Gull (really really really want to) - but maybe that's not the right place to look... 


Calliope Hummingbird in Manitoba - dang... 

I often wonder - do we just not see as many rare hummingbirds in Ontario (as our neighbours?) - heck, even Quebec does better than we do...



I there people/persons out there who are doing their best to make birding less enjoyable (for the masses) in the province and largely trying to keep the reports hidden??? I can't imagine why someone would do that... But you never know... 


  1. The apparent Glaucous-winged Gull was at Port Huron again today.
    King Eider still present.

  2. A Ross's Gull showed up in Quebec, so this is a pretty good system.