Thursday, November 7, 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan

I had some auto-post junk go online a few hours ago and I pulled it back offline... As many know, I'm pretty keen on the weather - and something is "goin down" that we really don't see very often.

Super Typhoon Haiyan maxed out a few hours ago as one of the single strongest storms to have ever been recorded on our Planet.

A terrifying and perfectly symmetrical category 5 super-typhoon that as just made its first landfall minutes ago in the Philippines.... There were no aircraft to enter the storm and get accurate measurements (done via Satelite estimates) - however it was published to have SUSTAINED winds of 305kph - (I repeat - SUSTAINED) - with wind gusts pushing 370kph (!!!!!!!!!!) 

(That's 190-230mph for you old fogies - or americans - or both) 

Then the damn thing had to go and make LANDFALL like this... This should turn out to be a bit of a newsmaker to say the least.... Instead of me rambling - I'd suggest checking out the blog post here - 



  1. A new blog post was done:

    Strongest landfall EVER

  2. Insane video -

  3. Another person far more qualified than I to put it into perspective:

    - I can only assume that the first images of the true disaster will start to appear late tonight (when the sun rises) - IF there is even any way to get there or to send out any sort of information from the hardest hit areas. If not, it may take a few days...

    After 5 landfalls and nearly 12 hours, the storm has weakened only 30mph (1 min average) and is STILL a category 5 super typhoon...

    It won't reach "record breaking strength" again - but it is still utterly devastating. To put it in perspective, it has weakened to the strength Hurricane Andrew was when it made landfall in Florida in 1992.

    k I should probably go to work! ...

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