Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wastewater birding

Tried a few wastewater spots over the past two days..

Globe Park in Hamilton -

Managed to score 2 Great Blue Herons and 4 Juncos... Insane times...

Windemere hot water outflow -

6 Black-crowned Night-Herons among a large host of fowl... No passerines beyond 2 Goldfinch (insane)

Burlington Skyway Wastewater -


St. Catherines Wastewater (with Ken Burrell) -

A COYOTE! A big one too... Not exactly what I had in mind though...


Turns out finding really rare birds isn't as easy as one would like... I suppose that's why they're rare!

Also gives me a good excuse to give up on the plan... Leaving soon anyways

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