Thursday, August 14, 2014

Condo birding update - 12 June 2014 - 12 August 2014

12 June - 1 Bald Eagle, 2 Kingbirds, 1 Indigo Bunting and 2 (separate!!!) Redhead (male and female, hours apart).. All in all, some weird sightings for mid June!

13 June - 2 Swamp Darners in tandem, 1 Hoary Bat!!!

14 June - Bald Eagle

15 June - 1 Bank Swallow - 15+ Cedar Waxwings... Once again, I find myself wondering - are these birds migrants?

June 29th - Common Nighthawk! Calling well after sundown

August 2nd - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Great Blue & Black-crowned Night Herons, American Kestrel.... Crazy to see how much has changed after a month away from it all! Swallows everywhere, juvenile terns and gulls... The rares should start again soon!

August 3rd... For the first time in a long time, I pulled out the scope! I quickly found 7 Long-tailed Ducks, 2 White-winged Scoters and 1 Red-necked Grebe out on the open waters. Never a dull moment! A few Baltimore Orioles and Yellow Warblers (presumed migrants) around below... 1 Black-bellied Plover mid afternoon was fun!

August 4th - 1 Great Egret, 1 adult Common Loon (migrant!), 1 shorebird sp (probably a Sanderling, but waay too far away!)

12 August - SOO many Cormorants on this lake... Maybe I'll waste some time and start looking for a Neotropic again?  I can't seem to help myself (esp when things are slow).. we'll wait and see...

The time is nigh! (maybe)... Thought I'd get this post out of the way before the west end of Lake Ontario heats up and brings some of the ultimate in birding excitement soon (JAEGERS!!!!!!!!) 

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