Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saskatchewan, July! (Black Tern, Vesper Sparrow)

I went to the land of flatness this past July, and while I was workin like a dog - I found a few mornings and evenings for photography... I was going after anything and everything - so I actually ended up photographing many species that are pretty common here in Ontario... Like these!

Black Tern - http://peregrineprints.com/zz_BLTE.htm

(has a Meadowhawk sp) 

The wind and light were never really that cooperative, but I was takin what I could get!

Next up is these Vesper Sparrows! I've never taken a decent VESP photo in years of living in Ontario... But I was pretty happy with these!

Back in the day, I would have been using audio recordings to get photos like this. While it's much easier, I don't really enjoy it - which makes getting these singing photos "all natural like" feel even better

More to come, when I get to editing! 

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