Friday, August 8, 2014


Some recent random weather things...

Genevieve! Went from a little tropical storm to a cat 5 Super Typhoon in ~24 hours.. Insane!

Check out these 4 tropical systems in the pacific! - 

(I think this is total precipitable water - or vapor - or something?) 

Click for large...

California is baking! Maybe we can get more drought up the midwest? Probably not, but hey...

(is Texas ever not in drought?)

Obligatory Snow/Ice map! There is still ice in Hudson Bay - but it's almost gone! 

Arctic Ice isn't doing great, but no crazy news makers recently in that dept...

Accuweather Fall Outlook!

Severe weather outbreaks expected this fall in the USA - most of the east looks stormy, whereas the west is cold... Maybe it will be an above-average fall for vagrant birds??? 

Or better than "above average"?! A great fall for rarities!? Who knows... Maybe we'll be too far north - but maybe not!!!

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