Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weatha! - Can we get some goodies from this?

Wind maps (above) from Aug 11th (pm)..

We had a LARGE low pressure system (not strong, but very sizable) - slowly pass over our area over the past few days.... The winds above show a direct flow from the USA east coast to the Great Lakes...

Aug 12th maps below - 

As the system leaves, we'll be getting a cool blast (today) from the centre of the continent... Winds come from all directions in a low... Can we get some rare birds from this? Mabe the Piping Plover in Hamilton counts as the first - or perhaps the Laughing Gull in Oakville as well? 

I think it's a good time to do a quick check of your local hotspot... A cool weather system! Still a bit early for me to get toooo excited though - but there could be some serious goodies out there now (rare herons?)

surface winds

850mb winds

500mb winds - this was very much a "surface low" ... 

Could be out there.. Right now! (this could also be the least likely "regular" rare heron) - but hey! Dream big. 

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  1. Something I hadn't looked at until now - but James Bay is getting HAMMERED with north winds from this system as well.. Should be north 60kph all day tomorrow! Wonder what's out there?!?!?

    I may have to watch from the old balcony tomorrow to see if any shorebirds get pushed down into our region. Is it too early for a Long-tailed Jaeger?? There was one on the lake last year on Aug 15 - so I say no!