Sunday, August 31, 2014

RARITY ALERT - more interesting weatha!

Tis the season - and I told ya'll ;)

Let's take a look:

Saturday! (yesterday) - strong south winds pushed into Ontario - and they stretched a long way (fairly long);

Tropical moisture invading on Sunday?! -

Hot pink areas drawn by me: here it shows the tropical moisture at 2pm Saturday 

8pm Saturday - moisture moving north 

2 am sunday - moisture practically at (or over) Lake Erie already - looks pretty cool!

Then on Monday - fairly large storm over far NW Ontario, that could still bring us a few goodies... 

Sub 1000mb

None of these events are really mind-blowing, but it's great weather for unusual birds to show up - and I'm sure a Limpkin or Reddish Egret would really make it all feel worth-while ;) 

NOT taken in Napanee! It's not worth making a blog post about - I got a little over-confident and went for the White Ibis for dawn the day after it was reported.. I didn't get it... 

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  1. Thanks for the weather updates. We seem to find our most interesting birds in foul weather, including the Eurasian Wigeon in Northern Ontario earlier in the year. We're in Cochrane, so we'll keep an eye on what tomorrow's storm brings in. Ironically, we were on our way to Ottawa the day after the White Ibis sighting. We arrived around lunch, but missed the bird as well...