Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here comes the Herons! Doobie doobie, doo.....

Little Blue Heron time?

It's not even August yet, but we've had two juvenile Little Blue Herons in Ontario this "fall" --- the bird at Holiday Beach and the bird at the Mosaic Ponds near Rock Point!

And my sources tell me, this isn't a fluke event... Here's a nearby rundown of LBHE's and other rarities:

Indiana: - Little Blue Heron reported at the extreme NW corner of the state on Lake Michigan... Along with reports of 3-4 birds (together) at multiple locations in the "northern half" of the state!

Other recent rarities in the state include: Swallow-tailed Kite and Neotropic Cormorant!

Illinois: At least 3 birds have been seen in the state near Lake Michigan over the last few weeks.

Other recent rarities include a Black-bellied Whistling Duck

Michigan: to my knowledge, the state has been quite on the Little Blue front (for now)... (maybe 1 on ebird?)

Yet the "other recent rarities" include the insane Point Moo site just seconds from Ontario - hosting White-faced, Glossy and WHITE Ibis recently, along with Snowy & Cattle Egrets..

Ohio: has had at least 11 Individual LBHE reports on ebird near (or on) Lake Erie in the past few weeks. Along with numerous individuals further south in the state (again, 3-4 together at a time).

Recent rarities include: a surprise GRAY FLYCATCHER on Lake Erie....

New York  at least 2 Little Blue Herons in the "finger lakes" area...

Recent rarities include the nutty Sandwitch Tern, not too far from Ontario! (Not far at all --- on Lake Ontario):


Not to mention a Black-bellied Whistling Duck that is only about 5km away from the Ontario border!

No new drought map until Thursday, although there seems to be a change in our jet stream pattern that is suddenly teasing us with rain and north winds here in Ontario ---- but the drought map will show how far-reaching this change was.. Things in the US "bread basket" could still be nice and toasty - and hopefully we continue to see some increases in Herons...

Heck most of the rarities at Pte Moo in MI (eg,/ White Ibis) seemed to have moved around a bit.. When was the last time someone checked the dusk roost at Holiday Beach for this bird??


Flying Fish Photos: (i personally think these are amazing):


Let us know if you find a Little Blue Heron that looks like this....... 

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