Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Rabbles

The USA (sort of applies to us) -- drought continues

6th "worst" of all time?

From what I've been reading, the global weather models are all forecasting conditions to stay hot and dry throughout July (at the very least).

Here's the 6-10day temperature outlook:

(HOT in the US midwest.. looks about typical)..

Lots of White-faced Ibis showing up around the Great Lakes so far this summer... I wonder if we'll get some more in Ontario soon? August could get interesting....

WFIB in Ohio:


The sea ice is melting in a more normal fashion this year,

compared to last year:


A sweet ode video brought to my attention via Tim King

PS - the ode group is currently at 99 members!


How do I get me one of these on my back fence?;;utmxpreview=2


  1. White-faced across the border from Niagara too! Why is it that rare herons always show up a few miles from Ontario but never in Ontario??

    1. I feel like we would be happier if someone could answer that question..... Although this feels like an early start to the heron-fun (even by our southern border friends)... so maybe they'll eventually spill over a bit by early August?