Wednesday, July 4, 2012

new zen trip

Going to Pelee Island for a few days, and I'm pumped.... It's going to be HOT and HUMID - but the winds are pretty questionable - but I've been excited to get to SW Ontario for some personal time for weeks now ---- so i'm going to make it happen!

Not sure what happened, but there were a lot of funky birds around the Great Lakes in the past several days...

White Ibis - MI
Mag Frig - ON
Little Blue Herons - NY, ON, OH, IL
Yellow-crowned Night-Herons - IL, OH,
White-faced Ibis - MI, OH
Scissor-tailed Fly - IL
Black-bellied Whistling Duck - OH
Franklin's Gull - ON (and a Laugher or two elsewhere on the big lakes)
Snowy Egret - 12 in OH at freakin Ottawa NWR...

Not to mention the Dickcissels - and a few Henslow's in Ontario and nearby.....

Maybe its the heat and drought???

Here's the high temps (forecast) for Jul 4

Wish me luck.... 


  1. Supposed to be unbearably hot and humid on Friday. Maybe a Caracara will show up for you on the island!

  2. Not sure you heard but there's a Little Egret in Montreal right now. I only add this because of all the herons that seemed to have moved north over the past couple of weeks.