Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wandering and Spot-winged Gliders in Montreal River Harbour (Lake Superior) Options

Part of this was posted to the ont-odes group! We are still below 100 members !!! (98 as I write)... But are getting a lot of web-views from non-registered members. Maybe we can lure out a few more lurkers to reach the milestone??



A bit late, but a week ago I had a few Wandering and a single Spot-winged Glider feeding over an open area, right next to the river mouth (120km north of Sault Ste Marie). The Spot-wing would have been quite a bit more unexpected if it were not for the sightings at Neys P.P. and James Bay last year!

I found ode (and lep) numbers to be extremley low compared to previous visits, and wondered what sort of die-off must have occured... My only other noteworthy observation was a few shallow lakes (glorified beaver ponds) with healthy populations of Azure Bluet. I know the ode atlas maps are a bit dated, but they do not show any records for northern Ontario... ?


Just to spice up the post... Here's some pics of the species mentioned above (not recent);

Azure Bluet

Wandering Gliderz

Spot-winged Glider 

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