Thursday, July 12, 2012

My favourite bird photos from May 2012

What, you were expecting something else?

10 years of bird photography, and I had never - ever - come anywhere close to getting a decent photo of an adult Great-horned Owl... My Dad and I had this adult bird in one of the dykes at Point Pelee early one morning, and posed for dozens of full frame photos.... Not what I was expecting at all in May, but I sure was happy......

I'm not really sure why, maybe its a horrible side effect of doing photography for this long, but my other big favourite of the spring was this Great Crested Flycatcher pic ---- a totally flukey random pic where it jumped right as the photo was taken... Something about the colour and pattern really appeals to my eye.. And I always love photographing birds in Sumac...

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  1. Sorry - I didn't want to be "anonymous".
    Also good luck Josh and I hope you get Arctic Tern along with the others in James Bay. Hugh Currie