Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pelee Island LEPS!!! July 4-6

Woo! I loves me some butterflies..... Here's the skinny on my recent trip to the island:

My first Tawny Emperor pic that I'm happy with! :) 

Where were all the butterflies?  Seriously. I could not believe how few butterflies I was seeing.... I started to wonder if the major thunderstorms that rolled through for a few days in a row had killed them all........  98% of the butterflies I was actually seeing were very fresh...

Here's a complete list: (at least, as far as I can remember).. If I don't add a number, it means I saw 10+

Common Checkered Skipper - 2 (in the same place, worn --- probably breeding) ?
Least Skipper - 3
Fiery Skipper - 2 (worn)
Dun Skipper
Black Swallowtail - 5
Giant Swallowtail - 7 (where the heck were all the swallowtails?)
Cabbage White
Clouded Sulphur
Orange Sulphur
Little Yellow - 2 (very fresh)

"Blue/Azure" species - 1

Summer Azure - hundreds - all fresh
Eastern tailed Blue
Variegated Fritillary - 2
American Snout
"Large" Frittillary sp - 1 (probably Great Spangled, but it was a short view)
"Pearl" Crescent - all very fresh
"Northern" Crescent - worn-ish
Question Mark
Eastern Comma - 3
Red Admiral
Common Buckeye - several colonies, yet often not seen
American Lady
Painted Lady
Hackberry Emperor
Tawny Emperor - I didn't see any until the last day, when I saw several fresh individuals
Common Wood Nymph - 2


My super-duper worn "blue" sp.... It was too large for Eastern-tailed, and every single Summer Azure I saw (hundreds) was very fresh and obvious.....  Could it be a worn azure? I also wondered if it could be a Marine Blue???

Not that its very exciting to see a totally feature-less butterfly and hope that its something rare, but.......... ???? 

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