Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pelee Island Odes!!! Jul 4-6

Not only do I love me some leps, but thems odes are great too!

My first photo ever of a Red Saddlebags!

I wanted a Comet Darner..... I'm not gonna lie...  Check out my complete list of ode sightings from the trip, and let me know what you notice isn't there :)

(disclaimer - I spent very little time looking at the little fellas)

Blue-fronted Dancer - 1 (at fish point, of all places)
Familiar Bluet (+ a few other blue-types I didn't ID)
Fragile Forktail
Eastern Forktail
Common Green Darner
Prince Baskettail
Calico Pennant
Halloween Pennant
Eastern Pondhawk
Widow Skimmer
Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Wandering Glider - 20+ --- my FOY for this species...
Spot-winged Glider --- by far the most common ode - THOUSANDS
Eastern Amberwing
Common Whitetail
Variegated Meadowhawk - 2 very teneral individuals from the pond behind the landfill!
Ruby Meadowhawk
Carolina Saddlebags
Black Saddlebags
Red Saddlebags

Crazy part was the saddlebags.... Carolina easily out-numbered Black!!! And if you really want to get trippy ---- Red Saddlebags outnumbered both Carolina and Black combined!!!

If you're not on the Ont-odes group , which you should be, you would know that Ode-enthusiasts all over the province are turning up "red" Saddlebags at an alarming rate... I really enjoyed seeing huge numbers of these species... I visited Pelee Island in the summer in 2007 and 2009, and did NOT see Saddlebags like this... Truly a great year to observe them....

One thing I noticed was that the Reds often spooked earlier, flew higher, perched higher, or patrolled further out over ponds than the other Saddlebag species - making them very difficult to catch!


Not a bad haul for a place that tries to pump away all their water.....

One thing I found very strange was this Green Darner with a green abdomen.... (at fish point)...  I don't remember seeing this before>?? Or maybe I'm just crazy??? 

I tried to turn it into an Amazon Darner with minimal success... Can anyone convince me its an Emperor??? 


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