Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have you seen these birds? OBRC

An unofficial post as secretary of the OBRC for this year... It's one thing to "put out a request for reports" -but to he honest - there are some more "pressing "or "in need of attention" than others....

I have a bunch of reports of the Townsend's Solitaire near Kendall...

I have a bunch of reports of the White-winged Dove at Rondeau...

Why? Because they were easily twitched winter rarities when we were all going nuts waiting for the birds to return. Spare time, winter blues, to sit inside and send a report... The problem is - most rares occur each year in Late April to May! Which is when we all go nuts for the spring/summer and things are lost in the shuffle....

Anyways - if you FOUND the OBRC rarity - we'd be desperate to get a report from you - ANY single ONE... A report from the finder is very valuable...

And with that said, here are some reported birds that I've received little/nothing of! If you have any reports (or PHOTOS) of these birds - we'd love to get them. Email any materials to

(some of these, I'm not entirely sure my limited info is correct - I'll be sitting down to figure it out when I return home)

Violet Green Swallow - Ottawa - yet to get anything!

Northern Gannet - Presqu'ile - nothing...

Neotropic Cormorant - Thickson's Woods - May 5 - nothing yet..

Blue Grosbeak - Pelee Island - May 11/12 - ? - nothing yet...

Lark Bunting - North Frontenac - ???

Piping Plovers on Lake Ontario (reports from Presqui'ile X 2, Darlington, Toronto Islands etc - nada)

Piping Plover - Kettle Point - nothing

Blue Grosbeak - High Park - Toronto - May 22/23???

European Whimbrel - May 27 - Darlington ??

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - Sparta - Jun 2 ???

Chuck-wills-widow - Rondeau - Jun 2


Hopefully this pulls in any records! The sooner I get the reports, the sooner we can start the voting process. Waiting till late December makes it insane trying to get all the voting done by the spring :)

Thanks for reading and your time spent sending stuff to the OBRC!

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  1. The Presquile x2 and the Darlington birds are the same bird, which was born last year at wasaga beach. I will submit the paper work once I get finished with work paperwork.