Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pelee Repor - Oct 22, 2013

Moon was rather bright when I arrived at the tip, even with the sun rising...

SO many birds... It's true... Nothing rare though - not that I really care. The birding was freakin sweet! You can only assume what I saw:

Similar picture to yesterday! Only there's a hybrid gull (middle between the two Great BB's) in todays version

Actually I kinda like this idea... I'll just post pictures of the day instead of typing:

See? All kinds of cool stuff... Oodles of birds! 

Biggest story of the day was raptors. I didn't keep count, but CRUSHED the totals for Holiday beach without hawkwatching.

8am-11am at the tip alone had 1 Osprey, 1 Peregrine, 20+ Merlins, 30+ Kestrels, 200+ Sharpies, 8+ Eagles, 15+ Harriers, etc etc etc

Sturgeon Creek had 200+ Dunlin, 25+ Killdeer, 3 Greater Legs, 1 Least Sand, 1 Pectoral Sand and 5 Long-billed Dow's among the gulls/ducks... 

1 Amer Redstart was the best warbler of the day... 


Cool odes include 1 Spot-winged Glider, 1 Black Saddlebags and 1 Wandering Glider!


Funny story - I actually got an oil change near shoeless joes today - and in the 20 minutes while waiting for my car I had a superb hawk flight (incl a low juv Peregrine and 2 Red-shoulders), several sparrows in the grass - 8+ Buckeyes, 1 Viceroy and 1 UBER fresh VARIEGATED Fritillary! It was cold and rather cloudy so I wasn't even expecting leps.. The Frit was cold enough it wasn't really flying and I coaxed it onto my hand.. Freakin awesome!

Anyways.... You know the drill - it was great birding. Now I need to do some work!


One year ago last night:

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