Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yesterdays birding + 2013 RARITY SHOWDOWN

I KNEW I shoulda stayed in bed ;)

I actually woke up early, and made it to Fort Erie! There was only one problem - the SHIMMER OF DEATH...

I couldn't see a darn thing....

I ended up checking from Port Colborne to Adam Beck along the river/Lake Erie - and my heart really wasn't "in it" ...

I was back at the condo by mid afternoon... and I'm too lazy now to document my mediocre sightings.


Something to look forward to -

With Josh V going to Netitishi, and Ken B going to the tip of Long Point - I realized I had passed on any exciting rarity trips this fall in favour of being boring and staying home/working. What the heck is wrong with me?

Cue a rarity showdown to spice things up...

Both Ken and Josh will be at their respective locations over the time span of Oct 26th to November 3rd... (8 days).... Without further adieu -

Apparently the condo is so intimidating that neither would agree to the terms (rarest bird) unless I was bound to "walking distance" around my building. SO - there's a chance I may end up blowing half of the competition off by going birding somewhere else (Pelee?) - but I still think I could easily win with half the days...

I also expect to be able to trash talk my competition constantly while they're both away and unable to defend themselves...

As of right now, an EPIC storm system is forecast to affect us over this time frame, so the birding could be incredible. More on that tomorrow

Current vegas odds on the winner:

JV - 10:1

KB - 5:1

BH - 2:1


  1. With those kind of odds my money is on me!

  2. I'll put a loonie on JV, but mostly because he is with AW (2 people will always find more than 1....) -JP

  3. Looks like Ken might have taken an early and sizeable lead today...although of course we don't know what JV is getting up to on the coast...