Sunday, October 20, 2013

Whicked Whrarity Wheather?

I've got a serious hankerin for some rarity jerky...

Ever get the feeling there might be some "western strays" around? (see below):


Western Lake Erie Marine Forecast:

Tonight and Sunday

Strong wind warning in effect.

Wind west 25 knots backing to southwest 25 late overnight.


Wind southwest 30 knots.


Wind west 30 knots.


Wind west 25 knots.


Last night I drove to Pelee to spend 3-4 days birding down here... The west winds weren't inspiring a condo watch, and I was going through one of those strange periods where I didn't seem able to focus on any task or complete any sort of work that needed my attention.

Doctor prescription for that? Just abandon it and go birding!

Weather is decent, but being "late" October scores some serious bonus points for potential rarities... It's not exactly a "record setting storm" or anything - but I like to think I can have some fun ;) - and at the very least, for those who read this crud I post on the blog all the time - it'll provide a few interesting days of actual bird observations!

I'd be very happy with this... An Ani would be better... And a Violet-Green Swallow may be more likely ;) 


  1. Violet Green Swallow next bird for Pelee!?

    1. lol could you tell I was searching those Tree Swallows like crazy this morning?

    2. I figured it may be a candidate species to "take advantage" of these prolonged west winds and be detected in a situation like that... Will be trying again tomorrow! (With the camera ready, or else everyone will think I'm crazy if I actually see one).